About Me


I have always been involved in art in some way through drawing, painting, or photography. I even wanted to be an architect when I was growing up. However, life took an unexpected turn and I ended up studying psychology in college. I loved learning about people; how they think and feel. There was a true beauty in understanding people through psychology. I enjoyed discovering a person’s motivations in life and what they were passionate about. As much as I loved psychology, art continued to have a greater influence on me than anything else.
I couldn’t stop thinking about photography. Everywhere I looked, I would imagine myself taking a photo. As I started to take portraits, I learned more about who people are and how amazing they are by taking their portrait. Through conversation and the telling of plenty of jokes, I’ve seen so much beauty in people as a photographer. In some sense, I feel I’ve learned more about people by taking their photo, than studying psychology. Getting to know someone and then taking their photo is an incredibly humbling and rich experience. I’ve learned to appreciate the people I meet and the world around me. Many of those I’ve worked with have turned from clients to friends and I have photography to thank for that.

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